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Friday, 5 February 2016

Marek Kruger inquest: Overheating plugged-in iPhone cause fire outbreak

Marek Kruger inquest: Overheating plugged-in iPhone cause fire outbreak
A man named Marek Kruger was confirmed dead by charging his iPhone overnight. The main source of his death was attributed to the overheating smoke generated from his plugged-in iPhone. Ravi Sidhu, the coroner for Berkshire had since Wednesday February 3 ordered probe in the death of Mr. Kruger at Reading Town Hall.

Marek Kruger inquest: Overheating plugged-in iPhone cause fire outbreak

The probe explained that the Victim was used to keeping his smartphone very close to him in bed.

The court heard how Mr Kruger, who had suffered from a brain tumour two years prior to his death, was primarily bedbound as he had lost the feeling down the left side of his body.
He would have his mobile phone by his side in bed - an electric one - along with his wallet as he used to do online shopping, while he had the phone by his side for emergencies.
He would also charge his phone (an iPhone 5) from his bed, and had to use an extension lead to make the phone more accessible when he was lying down.
Mr Kruger's wife Iryna had a statement read out on her behalf in court and she explained how her husband had been in an accident and was reliant on an electronic bed and carers.
"He had a brain tumour and lost a lot of weight and was in huge pain," the court heard.
"He had lost the feeling on the left side of his body."
She said how Mr Kruger had been taking paracetamol and ibuprofen and had asked to be prescribed morphine, in case his pain became so bad.
In the days leading up to his death, the court heard how Mr Kruger had asked to be prescribed morphine in the event of extreme pain.
He died due to smoke inhalations generated from his iPhone placed very close to his body, he was paralyzed and couldn't feel much of what's going on in his proximity.

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