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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

6,000 Kenyans to sample Universal Basic Income

UBI -Universal Basic Income is one of the biggest tech policies that advocates directly giving out money to poor people than just welfare.

Theorist have arrived on UBI having potential to work out well, but so far there have not been any implementation by anybody anywhere that wholly satisfies entire UBI requirements.

The past trials to implement UBI were either partially implemented or unevenly circulated, this time it was publicized by an NGO namely GiveDirectly  to embark on the the first ever full-fledged test of universal basic income policy.

Owing to testing out this policy, the New York-based NGO will randomly select 6,000 Kenyans from villages and they will receive a steady flow of cash for the next 10 years, regardless of local status all participants would receive the same amount.

The amount would be similar to the organisation's past projects, between $255 and $400 per person per annum depending on the average annual income to cater for basic needs of life.

"When we started in 2009, people said what youvmight expect ‘they’ll waste it on alcohol, they’ll stop working’ and that just turns out not to be. true. In reality, cash transfers are more effective than many things that we do," says co-founder Michael Faye.

GiveDirectly has experienced substantial growth since inception, raising over $100 million since
launching, and $52 million last year.

Watch this YouTube video asking if money really should be given to the poor like this. Drop your perspective using the comment section.

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