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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Elon Musk Résumé fits in one page puts the internet on fire!

How can Elon Musk résumé fits perfectly into a one page?

Its the big question that is making the internet go crazy right now.

The achievements of a very experienced and highly influential technopreneur like Elon Musk who has had well over a decade of experience entwined with achievements should justifiably take more than a couple of pages!

Not really! Novorésumé expressed this as they exemplify a detailed one page résumé of an highly referenced technology entrepreneur-Elon Musk.

They created a sample résumé for Musk to explain "even a highly successful career like his can be presented in a one page résumé,"
cofounder Andrei Kurtuy tells Business Insider.

Professional HR practitioners across the globe must have concluded a one-page résumé as the recruitment standard after seeing this one-page yet detailed résumé of an referenced professional like Elton Musk.

Novorésumé is a place where you can easily create your résumé professionally without having t leave out any detail, their resumes fits into a couple of ready-made templates with fonts choice and basic résumé properties, also is an option to download your résumé after creating.

This résumé innovation is a big one to the corporate world and thanks to these 3 smart guys who did make it a possibility.

From left to right: Andrei Kurtuy
researcher and marketeer; Cristian Letai– designer, Stefan Polexe – web

You can be a one-pager too, try it here.

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