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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Google seeks utmost Transparency in Chrome Apps & Extensions user data collection

Google's recent user data policy upgrade for its Chrome web store is to enhance more security and privacy for users.

The upgrade which took place last Friday is to improve the transparency of chrome apps and extensions as user data are collected.

A part of the updated policy demands that app developers make public their private practices pertaining to user data collection. App developers are now required to use high-level encryption  when handling sensitive user data.

The recent upgrade makes do away with collection of user data through users browsing activities when app developers don't need such data to develop an app or extension.

Google in an official blog post that "the new User Data Policy extends existing policies to ensure transparent use of the data in a way that is consistent with the wishes and expectations of users".

Google also disclosed that app developers violating the recent upgrade will be promptly notified and expected to comply with the new user data upgrade policy before 14th of July, 2016.

From July 15, apps and extensions still violating the upgrade policy will be automatically discarded from the Chrome Web store and cannot be put back in place until they follow the new upgrade rules.

Since last year Google blocked off all extensions that couldn't find it's way to the web store, brings user-controlled privacy features like incognito mode and much more, all to improve transparency and enhance user experience on Google Chrome browser.

Google explained that: "Principles of transparency and choice over how users' personal data is handled have long been key parts of Google's philosophy,"

Google believes the new upgrade will help users control how their data is being used and for what purpose.

Source: Techtimes

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