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Saturday, 16 April 2016

How to connect USB keyboard to Android Phone

I'm always on the move and yet want to keep up with my office work, so i stay glued to my Android device more to update my blog, I like to type my ideas as fast as i can to make sure i don't forget, especially when I'm putting together a Book or article but i can't type as fast on my Android device compared to when on PC.

As i was brainstorming, something suddenly comes to mind; Oooo Teee Geee.

OTG Means USB "On The Go", it's a popular USB cable used to connect USB devices to Smartphones or other devices that uses micro USB Ports, it's the most important device in attaching your wired USB keyboard to your Android Phone.

One end has the universal micro USB Port and the other end has the has a regular-sized USB jack that has a open-end to absorb any USB into it, but in this case your USB keyboard. (See the image for clarity).

Many people are not too lucky with their device, using the OTG USB cable to connect a USB keyboard to your Android phone cannot be guaranteed
as devices varies. But in more than 60% cases it should work without any extra software, tool or app.

In case you can't get the OTG USB cable in the neighbouring stores around, certainly you'll get on Amazon.

For Nigerians and Kenyans, the device can be purchased from Konga and Jumia.

Now getting on to the details, there is no big deal in doing this, just get the OTG USB cable, plug one-end to your smartphone as appropriate and the other end to your Keyboard,

To find settings options for the USB hardware keyboard, go to the Settings menu, touch Language & input, and look in the Physical keyboard section.

if you're lucky enough, your keyboard should work immediately, though it might cause the battery of your device to drain a little bit faster than ever.

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