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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Japan Scientists are working on “Invisible Train”, To Be launched By 2018

It's hightime you had concluded nothing is impossible with scientific and technological inventions.

Japan Scientists this time are unto something more amazing "an invisible train" to be fully launched in 2018.

The project is spear-headed by Seibu Railway Co., a Japanese company located in Tokorozwa, Saitama Japan.

See the YouTube video of the Red arrow commuter train coated with "a semi-reflective" surface.---

The invisible train is manned by a Japanese architect named Kazuyo Sejima from the Japanese firm
Sanaa who was recently honoured with  “Nobel Prize of architecture"

Clarity  demands to explain that the train will not all be visible, at least not like 007 stealth planes and cars,  but “super reflective”.

The train can vanish  into its surrounding and reflecting its environment with its flawless mirrored architecture.

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