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Monday, 18 April 2016

LinkedIn to unveil student-targeted app

As reports have it the world’s largest social networking platform for salespeople and corporate professionals, is set to unveil  a new app targeted at students.

The app  namely LinkedIn Students  will in several ways be highly beneficial to university and college people.

The app will create a robust platform for college and university grads to choose a career path and perfectly integrate into the labour market as soon as they graduate.

The app powered by a card-based interface will suggest career role and general career path advice.

The app will serve as an eye opener to see several career  and job alternatives, a business administration student will be show bizarre of jobs that he/she can assume after graduating.

Senior product manager,  LinkedIn, Ada Yu explained: “This is a soft introduction to students who may not know the value of networking and introduce LinkedIn’s value proposition.”

The app will be officially launched  and available in the US on April
18, 2016 at 6AM PT. LinkedIn student will be avsilable on both Android and iOS for users .

The app is for now limited to US linkedIn students, we hope later the will be made available to the rest of the world.

Source: The Next Web .
Image Credit: KenYeung/VentureBeat.

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