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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Otel vs Telkom fight: “Say Goodbye to Telkom”

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa was recently called in to  adjudge what seems like a fight in between Telkom and  Otel.

The dispute is as a result  of Otel trying to gain in on Telkom's weakness by using the  headline "say goodbye to Telkom" in their recent ads campaign, which was opposed by Telkom and flagged as unethical.

Otel’s advertisement states: “In today’s times and tough market place, no business can afford to be down for even half an hour.”

It furthers: “No more need for Telkom. No more cable theft. No more hassle.”

Seeing this Telkom had to express dissatisfaction by lodging an official complaint to ASA

The ASA ruled that  Otel should not publish nor circulate the advertisement again.

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