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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Paypal introduced a "buy now, pay later" credit program for UK users.

The payment processor giant has unveiled a new credit feature for UK users in a bid to improve online spending habits.

Shopping online is revolutionary and comes with great experience, many are times we're tricked to buying things we don't have momentum need for with cash, buying online improves our rationality to get the value for every bit of expenses.

It's why PayPal has unveiled a credit program in the UK to help users borrow money to shop online.

You can make payments with your account as in credit card where your are able to spread payment for an interest-free window of four months.

When lapsed you will be charged interest of 17.9% of the total money borrowed.

Once you have a PayPal account you can start using this credit feature by applying and waiting t be approved t use credit.

To make things work out fine Paypal has formed an agreement with several UK retail outlets like Samsung, Dyson and millets so as to help PayPal account holders receive promotional interest-free refund window more than the usual four months stipulated by PayPal.

The interest-free credit option is available for purchase over £150.

It's a test of responsibility, want to try?

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