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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Whatsapp toughens-up encryption to ensure privacy security

The privacy security war is about to get bloodier has Whatsapp strengthens it's privacy encryption feature to kick against the massive secret spying of governmental agencies as seen in case like Apple vs. FBI phone unlock request.

Whatsapp has encrypted all forms of information exchanged on the app, all data in forms of images, text, videos, songs and all whatever data info users exchanged have been encrypted with what we can call a cutting edge level 1 encryption  and decryption from device to device.

This means that only users device can see what message or data is being sent on the app, not even Whatsapp, it's servers or anyone in-between can have a glimpse of data been sent from one user to another.

Users doesn't have to do anything to use this safe-level encryption, it's automated and will be integrated into the app. This state-of-the-art encryption feature can be tagged as the biggest encryption and privacy ever on an app like Whatsapp with more than 1 billion user across the world.

Whatsapp wants to safeguard the privacy of it's users from external aggressions like hackers and crackers and most importantly from government agencies that sometimes wants to authoritatively extract high-level information from users of a particular device or app.

Whatsapp taking sides with Apple has created a very big problem with its top level encryption feature even the app cannot do anything about even if whatsapp was compelled to.

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