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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

You can now lease iPhone SE in India for less than $16

Following the launch of the iPhone SE, the smartphone is now available in India for lease for $15 in India.

Apple's corporate leasing program which as been instituted by apple I India since last year, it comes with plans priced at $18 [R.s 1,199] and $21 [R.s 1,399] per month.

Apple is also offering lease plans for its new 9.7 inch iPad Pro and the 12.9 inch iPad Pro which was launched in 2015.

This smartphone lease scheme is available for corporate members, leasers are allowed to change lease to another  iPhone model by paying the differences in amount on monthly basis.

iPhone SE which was massively patronized in the U.S and gone out of stock has a different story in India where sale of the device is plummeting.

iPhone SE was added t the lease scheme in order for apple to sell the device to the India market.

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