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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

You'd soon be able to transfer money using Facebook messenger

The world's biggest social networking giant has launched a new payment platform on its widely used instant messaging app.

As at the time of this publication it was reported that the service is already in use in the U.S, the transaction is facilitated using official Facebook messenger app and credit cards from both parties wanting to initiate the transaction.

Facebook CEO had earlier showed interest in wanting to go into payment processing.

Mark Zuckerberg : “On payments, the basic strategy that we have is to make it — especially in products like Messenger
where the business interaction may be a bit more transactional — to take all the friction out of making the transactions that you need."

Facebook messenger payment processor  uses "industry-leading security" to facilitate all transactions.

Users are not charged for using the app to send or receive money.

To use Facebook messenger payment processor, a user will have to add his debit card details into his "profile" and then navigate below to "payments" to see available options.

You can of course interact with the payment received or sender as the case may be and also request for payments.

Facebook is working on making the payment processor available for use across the globe.

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