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About Us

Tech Dome is the leading Africa's Technology News Portal

we undoubtedly live in a technology inclined world, Virtually all new technology has some components of newness embedded within it, that's why we at Tech Dome (Techdividuals) we commit ourselves to providing you a state-of-the-art Technology News portal to help you receive real-time updates about events, News, Innovations, Inventions and Discoveries in the World of Science and Technology.

The speed of technological change is alarming, rapid and blurring the contours of old tech inventions replacing it speedily with cutting-edge Future Technology, faster than any word processor can ever describe.

Due to this many people have a fear of being left out of the accelerating nearer future, most especially non-tech individuals like managers, executives, business tycoons are cringing for the fear of being left behind or even being left out completely.

It's why we brought about this Web platform to provide a fast, efficient, competent, organized and timely way of gathering Future Technology related News, analyzing them in the simplest form to keep you abreast of the fast approaching Technology changes. No longer can we afford to keep our fingers crossed to delay, ignore, bypass, underestimate, or overlook imminent changes in our dazzling world of Technology.

Our Web Resources can get you started on a not so long journey in the world of technology and as well usher you into IT-driven world. Sticking so close, you might even become one of us- the Techdividuals

 Our Vision is simple

To efficiently Update you and keep you in the loop of the fast changing world of rapid Technological Inventions as related to Africa.

We keep you abreast, upgraded and rich by bringing you this Tech Changes in forms of Daily Technology news and event, Discovery Technologies, Technological Inventions, we carefully examine this issues in real-time and let you in on how to key into the whole process.

By the end of 2016 we hope to grow a Network of more than 7000 Techdividuals across the Globe to bring you the best of Future Technological Updates.

Techdividuals pride itself to have the Globe as it's readership and the Webspace as it's exploring Avenue.


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